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  • The Humble Weekly Bundle: Halloween PWYW + FREE PAYDAY 2 Masks Steam Key
    The Humble Weekly Bundle: Halloween PWYW + FREE PAYDAY 2 Masks Steam Key

    Free Goodies: PAYDAY 2 Masks

    Time for some Halloween goodies! We're giving away FREE PAYDAY 2* masks (Lycanwulf and The One Below) for Steam. We've only got so many, though, so get 'em while supplies last!

    • Base game not included.

    Trick or treat … or BUNDLE! Because a night of trick or treating usually only brings in candy (or if you’re really unlucky, boxes of raisins), we’ve got some games to add to the mix. Pay what you want for Knock-Knock (making its DRM-free debut), Home, and Vertical Drop Heroes HD (with a new, special Halloween mode!). Beat the average price, and you also get Our Darker Purpose, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Betrayer. Pay more than $15, and you get all the games listed above plus Among the Sleep. And if you want to eat candy while you play, go ahead — we won't stop you!

    Pay what you want. If you were to buy these games separately, they could cost you up to $79. Buy them here, though, and you name the price.

    On Steam and DRM-free. All of these games are available on Steam for Windows, and select games are also available for Mac and Linux. Pay $1 or more to gain access to these games on Steam. Most of these games are also available DRM-free for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please check out the full system requirements here.

    Support charity. You choose where your money goes — between the developers and two causes (Unicef and Save the Children). If you like this bundle or what we do, a tip left for Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated! (NOTE: Some of the games may contain scary or mature themes. Save the Children does not endorse, condone, or control the content of the games.)

  • Debbie LaChusa's Must Have Tips for Coaches and Consultants -- Free Online Course (Was $49)
    Debbie LaChusa's Must Have Tips for Coaches and Consultants -- Free Online Course (Was $49)

    Are you a new coach or consultant who is just starting out in business?

    Or, have you been in business for a while but you’re struggling to get clients and make it work?

    In either case, this course is for you.

    In fact, I believe in the content I share in this course so strongly that I think it should be mandatory for every new coach and consultant.

    I learned everything I teach in this course the hard way.

    I’ve been in business on my own since 1998 (that’s 16 years). I’ve started 8 different businesses since 2005. Three became successful 6-figure businesses relatively quickly (within the first year or so). The others, well let’s just say I learned some valuable lessons!

    I was probably a lot like you when I started my first business.

    Full of ideas, passion, motivation and drive. But no experience running a business. I’ve learned so much in the past 16 years that I feel an obligation to share it with those who are just starting out, or those who are struggling.

    Whether you’re thinking about becoming a coach or consultant, you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been in business for years and things aren’t going quite the way you’d hoped, I believe understanding the things I share in this course will help you.

    There's no reason you have to discover these things the hard way.

    Consider this course your sneak peek into the future of what it takes to run a successful coaching or consulting business. Your opportunity to learn from someone who has been there-done that and is now sharing it with YOU!

  • FREE 1 Year Membership (Normally $144) w/ New Relic Setup
    FREE 1 Year Membership (Normally $144) w/ New Relic Setup

    I received an email a week ago advertising a free 1 year membership to - normally $144/yr, which includes various courses on HTML, CSS and programming plus books on the same subjects published by Sitepoint (they're awesome books!) - just for setting up New Relic with an app.

    To keep things simple:

    0 - Install/configure Node.JS
    0.5 - Write an app OR Download someone else's

    1 - Sign Up to New Relic (Expires October 31st)
    1 - Sign Up to New Relic (Expires November 30th)
    2 - New Relic Dashboard -> Applications -> Add More
    3 - Select Node.JS and follow the steps

    Once your app is sending/receiving tracking/analytics data in New Relic, you'll receive an email with a link to click to confirm you're human, followed a few hours later by a redeemable voucher for a 1 year free membership.

    I'm a web designer/developer but have very limited experience with Node.JS so I probably won't be able to answer any technical questions - sorry!

    Enjoy. :)

  • Shoeboxed - 6 Months Free, 30 Receipts Per Month
    Shoeboxed - 6 Months Free, 30 Receipts Per Month

    Shoeboxed are offering 6 months free to Telstra business post-paid customers but it appears that the offer is available to any postpaid customer. Simply dial #831# from your Telstra phone and you'll get a coupon code that gives you the 6 month deal.

    From the e-mail:

    If you're a post-paid Telstra customer*
    Shoeboxed can be FREE for 6 months
    We’re offering Telstra Business post-paid customers the chance to sign up absolutely FREE for 6 months. This offer includes an allowance of 30 documents per month – >that’s 180 over the 6 months!

    And at the end, there is no obligation to sign up for a paid Shoeboxed account. It’s totally up to you.

    Just in case you’ve forgotten, Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices & documents securely online - freeing up your time to focus on running your >business. Click here to find out more about what Shoeboxed does.

    To sign up for the FREE offer, all you have to do is:
    Free call #831# from your mobile and Telstra post-paid customers will receive a coupon via SMS.​
    Enter the code via this link:

    Hurry- offer ends 31 December 2014!

    Shoeboxed is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. To continue using the app at the end of the trial, you would simply need to sign up for a paid plan with >Shoeboxed. Data charges apply for use and download of the app.

  • [iOS] Slender Man Origins, Was $6.49 Now Free
    [iOS] Slender Man Origins, Was $6.49 Now Free


    Chris: "Omg I love it :) best game ever it scared me i screamed like pewdiepie"

    Blake: "By far the best game ever!I thought it was going to be like the normal crapy slender man games but that was a mistake!!!There's a story line to it! If you don't believe that this is the best game yet try me!"

    Gregory: "YAY!!! I died!!!!! I finally found him after 5 min. of playing, and I refuse to look away from him… and I died…"

    Austin: "To sum this app up in 2 words, horrifying & outstanding! :D Wow! The controls are perfect! I for one am a Huge Slender Man fan, and This is practially everything i have EVER wanted out of a Slender Man game app!! :D"

    Philip: "This Slender game is the best I've ever played good graphics creepy song it really sets the mood"


    Slender Man Origins - Immerse yourself into the thick atmosphere of mystery and horror!

    Follow the Slender Man's trail, become a witness to his horrific deeds and save the children from their inevitable doom.

    Explore, listen and look closely, travel through the dark corridors, damp halls, dense forests and empty streets, among the ancient tombs, old looming trees and abandoned houses.

    But beware! In your journey you will encounter many things without explanation, some even seeking to harm you.

    Always remember that every step you take may well be your last - for the Slender Man watches you…


    *** Four different, atmospheric locations ***
    Each of the locations is unique, complete with a certain theme and filled with detail.

    *** Variable ambience ***
    Explore while experiencing different weather conditions, adding a certain feel to each of your journey.

    *** Enviroment ***
    The Slender Man isn't the only thing you shall notice out there. While some events may simply be a part of unexplainable, many of them mean danger, some may bar your way, while few others can even prove lethal. Be ready for surprises!

    *** Easy and quick-to-learn controls ***
    Move around and explore the way you are most used to - you can always choose a more familiar control scheme from the options menu.

    *** Use the headphones! ***
    3D sound makes the atmosphere even more mysterious, while listening to the directions of noises you can often get a feel of where you should go, or even avoid a hazard.

    *** Smooth, pleasant graphics ***
    Fine detail, soft light and lots of objects, as well as shadows from every tree, stone and iron bar in a fence - you are sure to itch for a few screenshots along the way.

    Game Trailer:

    Rated 12+ for the following:
    Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes

    Slender Man Origins 2, Was $3.79 Now Free as well

  • Caribbean Cookup Recipes for iOS FREE for This Halloween Weekend (Was $1.99)
    Caribbean Cookup Recipes for iOS FREE for This Halloween Weekend (Was $1.99)

    Many people will have tried their hand at Caribbean cookery before, and it might not have always gone as planned, but with the new Caribbean cook app, cook at home chefs just can’t go wrong.

    The Caribbean Cookup app is an exclusive iPhone application that makes creating delicious Caribbean food quick, easy and convenient; users of the app won’t even need to have Internet access as all of the cooking guides will be downloaded locally, which means a touch of the Caribbean is never far away.

    Included on the app are hundreds of delicious Caribbean recipes for just about every occasion. Choose from desserts and drinks, sides and snacks or main dishes. Hundreds more recipes have recently been added to the app, and they all come with one touch access. The newly released app has already gained five star feedback and the success of the Caribbean Cookup app looks set to continue.

    As well as featuring step-by-step instructions for each of the recipes, there’s an at-a-glance ingredients list as well, which makes planning a meal easier than ever.

    If you have iOS7 or up, you can update the app automatically (without checking back here) by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads and turning on Updates.

    Every update of our Caribbean Cookup Recipes app includes improvements for speed and New Recipes. As other new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.

  • [Kindle eBook] Procrastination Cure: Stop Finding Excuses and Get What You Want in Life
    [Kindle eBook] Procrastination Cure: Stop Finding Excuses and Get What You Want in Life

    4.8 out of 5 Stars. Save $5.99!


    DISCOVER: How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

    We have all done it at one point or another. More or less frequently, we put off something we could do today. Call it being lazy, slacking off, or, as economist George Ainslie calls it—basic human impulse.

    Yes, we’re talking about procrastination. But what is procrastination exactly?

    Is procrastination something that’s inevitable in human nature? Well, here’s the truth: everyone falls into the trap of procrastination. It’s a general weakness, and a costly one at that.

    Procrastination is basically the gap between the things you want to do and the things you end up doing.

    Here’s The Good News, Though: You Don’t HAVE To Be a Procrastinator

    Here’s what you’ll discover in Procrastination Cure:

    • You will learn about the different reasons why we become procrastinators.
    • You will find out if YOU are a procrastinator, and—if you are—which kind of procrastinator you are (very important).
    • You will learn about the consequences of procrastination (aka what you’ll miss in life when you continue procrastinating).
    • You will learn about the most common excuses we have for procrastinating.
    • You will learn about the classic causes of procrastination.
    • And, most importantly, you will learn how to cure procrastination, stop finding excuses and get what you really want in life.

    And by the way: that’s just the first 3 chapters…

  • 115 $0 Kindle eBooks: 23 Categories, 5 Books per Category
    115 $0 Kindle eBooks: 23 Categories, 5 Books per Category

    A nice collection of eBooks to download, and best of all they're FREE. Won't stay that way long though, so grab them quick. Be sure to double-check before clicking the 'buy-now' button, as these often revert to full price without notice. Enjoy :)

    us au My Magic Monster
    us au Night of Flying Shadows
    us au Our Solar System
    us au Rabbit Readers
    us au The Three Lost Kids

    us au A Tale of Two Cities
    us au North and South
    us au Ride Tall, Hang High
    us au The Three Musketeers
    us au The Time Machine

    us au Delicious & Healthy Superfood Breakfasts
    us au I Love Green Smoothies
    us au Pressure Cooker Cookbook
    us au Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes
    us au The Best Holiday Cooking Recipes

    us au Addition & Subtraction
    us au Creative Writing For Kids
    us au Improve Learning
    us au Learn Chinese Fast
    us au Social Emotional Learning

    us au Deadly Straits
    us au Desecration
    us au Donners of the Dead
    us au Of Moths and Butterflies
    us au Too Quiet In Brooklyn

    us au El Patito Ducky
    us au La Biblia de los Caídos
    us au La Guerra de los Cielos
    us au Perla Rosada
    us au Sal de Mis Sueños

    us au Ayurveda
    us au Do I Have Breast Cancer
    us au Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
    us au Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals
    us au Yoga for Beginners

    us au The American Civil War
    us au The Bataan Death March
    us au The Battle of Trafalgar
    us au The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
    us au Up from Slavery

    us au Garage Sale Tips & Ideas
    us au Indoor Gardening
    us au Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster
    us au Shed Door Rescue Kit
    us au Ultimate Guide To House Painting

    us au 101 Dirty Jokes
    us au 33 Ways To Kill My Husband
    us au Damaged Right Out Of The Box
    us au Funny Jokes For Kids
    us au Halloween Joke Explosion

    Info Tech
    us au Creating a Successful Membership Website
    us au eBay Shipping
    us au Selling on eBay
    us au SEO Basics
    us au Web Copywriting

    us au Incidents in the Life of a Slave
    us au Laughs, Luck… and Lucy
    us au Maya Angelou 350+ Best Quotes
    us au Memoirs of a Prague Executioner
    us au The Crappiest Year Ever

    us au Easy Bookkeeping Basics
    us au Money Saving Tips
    us au Questions To Ask Before You Invest In A Franchise
    us au Single Women & Finances
    us au Successfully Trading In The Stock Market

    Mystery & Suspense
    us au Everybody Wants an Oscar
    us au Redemption
    us au Tahoe Deathfall
    us au Tin God
    us au Unholy Bonds

    us au 101 Family Activities
    us au Angry & Temperamental Kids
    us au Baby Names For Girls & Boys
    us au Kids & Their Clutter
    us au Pull Your Pants Up And Be A Man

    us au DSLR Photography for Beginners
    us au Make Every Shot Count
    us au Photo Reflectors & Photo Filters
    us au Photography Unlimited
    us au Understanding Exposure

    us au Couples Therapy
    us au Difficult People
    us au Happy Housewife Smart Guide
    us au How to Get a Guy to Like You
    us au Saving Your Marriage

    us au CK-12 Basic Physics
    us au Doomsday Is Coming
    us au Ebola: What If
    us au Survival Guide for Beginners
    us au The UnSeen on Security Cameras

    Self Help
    us au Ace That Interview
    us au Love & Dating for Shy People
    us au Procrastination Cure
    us au Shaking Behind the Microphone
    us au Time Management

    us au 31 Days with Jesus
    us au Holman Christian Standard Bible
    us au Prayers for the Children of the Single Mother
    us au The Holy Bible ESV
    us au When God Whispers Loudly

    us au Healing Power of Walking
    us au Muay Thai Kickboxing
    us au Swim Yourself Slim
    us au The Art of Soccer
    us au Top Ten Freshwater Fishing Rigs

    us au A Visitor's Guide to Paris
    us au Cheap European Days & Nights
    us au Everest Pilgrim
    us au Rome Travel Guide
    us au Simple Family Vacation Planning

    us au Arctic Animals
    us au Best Quotes in Rock 'n' Roll History
    us au The ADHD School System
    us au The Beautiful Ugly Trilogy
    us au WiFi Health Risks

  • Free My Stickers Sample Pack
    Free My Stickers Sample Pack

    To request a Sample of the stickers to be sent your way, please fill out the form below.

  • FREE National Parks South Australia Vehicle Entry Pass Save $10
    FREE National Parks South Australia Vehicle Entry Pass Save $10

    Free entry to SA national parks.. simply copy and fill in form place place half on your dash then depending on the facilities at the Park you choose to visit, either hand it to staff at the park information office, drop it into the self-registration station or keep it with you to present to a Park Ranger if requested.

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