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  • Free from Amazon All The Young Warriors
    Free from Amazon All The Young Warriors

    A great novel, but dark and difficult at points…

    From a double cop-killing on the frozen streets of Minnesota to the burning sands of Mogadishu, Somali pirates and a brutal civil war, All The Young Warriors is an epic thriller spanning continents and cultures. Murder, warfare, piracy, love, betrayal and revenge – this is a white-knuckle ride for fans of James Lee Burke (the Dave Robicheaux series) and Michael Connelly (the Harry Bosch series).

    Winner of the 2012 Spinetingler Award for Best Novel: Rising Star

    When two of the Twin Cities' “Lost Boys” — young Somali men drafted to fight for terrorists back in the homeland — kill a pair of cops on his home turf, detective Ray Bleeker is left devastated. One of the dead cops was his girlfriend. The investigation grinds to a halt when he discovers that the young murderers have fled to Somalia to fight in the rebel army. He's at his wits' end until the father of one of the boys, an ex-gang leader called Mustafa, comes looking for answers. Bleeker and Mustafa form an uneasy alliance, teaming up to help bring the boys back home. But little do they know what Somalia has in store for them.

    "a brilliant book, possibly the best novel of the year." – Les Edgerton

    "written with a sureness of hand and a depth of character that are impressive. A highly accomplished crime novel exposing an often unseen world." – The Big Issue

    "All The Young Warriors will grip readers who enjoy the chance to slip into a foreign culture and also those who want a page-turning thriller" – Spinetingler Magazine

    "a powerful story that is both riveting and meaningful" – Crime Fiction Lover

    "this book is a classic in the making" – I Meant To Read That

    "All The Young Warriors is a pretty rare beast, a clever page-turner. It deserves to be a bestseller and has film adaptation stamped all over it." – Loitering With Intent

    "a courageous novel that raises a lot of pertinent questions" – Dead End Follies

    "Smith writes with force and clarity" – The Chicago Tribune

    "Smith's version of Minnesota is no Lake Wobegon; the inhabitants are refreshingly made up entirely of the deranged, the damaged, and the doomed. If you can picture the intellectual and physical mayhem that might have resulted from a Jim Thompson and Harry Crews collaboration, you'd be on the right track. But Anthony Neil Smith is his own writer — and a very fine one, indeed." – Booklist

    Also by Anthony Neil Smith featuring Mustafa and Adem: Once A Warrior.

  • Free Song "Safe in Place" by Grant Nicholas - Google Play
    Free Song "Safe in Place" by Grant Nicholas - Google Play

    Track 15 is the free one.

    Free song taken from the recently released album: Yorktown Heights.

  • $0 Photography eBks: Tricks & Tips, Mastering Exposure, Composition & Artistic Considerations...
    $0 Photography eBks: Tricks & Tips, Mastering Exposure, Composition & Artistic Considerations...

    1) Popular Photography Genres and Camera Settings by Al Judge, 50 pages, published Aug 23, 2014.

    2) Tricks & Tips! by Al Judge, 53 pages, published Aug 22, 2014.

    3) Mastering Exposure: An Illustrated Guide Book by Al Judge, 30 pages, published Jan 6, 2014.

    4) Composition & Artistic Considerations by Al Judge, 65 pages, published Aug 22, 2014.

    5) How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio by Amber Richards, 65 pages, published Nov 30, 2013.

    eBooks are free at time of posting. Please check price before buying.

  • 30 $0 Kindle eBooks: Travel & Holidays
    30 $0 Kindle eBooks: Travel & Holidays

    30 FREE Travel eBooks. Hopefully they'll stay free long enough to grab what you need. Please make sure the book isn't back to full price before hitting the 'buy now' button. Happy travels :-)

    us au 100 Travel Tips
    us au 3 Day Guide to Istanbul
    us au A Visitor's Guide To Shanghai
    us au A Year Of Bucket List Festivals
    us au Alaska Traveler
    us au American Airlines: Inside The Main Cabin

    us au Azores Travel Guide
    us au Barcelona Ultimate Travel Guide
    us au Budget Travel The Minimalist Way
    us au For 91 Days In Palermo, Sicily
    us au Learning Portuguese On The Go
    us au Life on the Mississippi

    us au London Travel Guide
    us au My Top Five: Copenhagen
    us au My Top Five: Washington
    us au Retiring To The Philippines
    us au Silversea Silver Whisper
    us au Surviving With Strangers

    us au The Best of Brazil For Tourists
    us au The Xenophobe's Guide To The Austrians
    us au Tokyo Travel Guide
    us au Top Ten Sights: Cologne
    us au Top Ten Sights: Helsinki
    us au Top Ten Sights: Perpignan

    us au Top Ten Sights: Rome
    us au Top Ten Sights: Toulouse
    us au Top Ten Sights: Vienna
    us au Vacation Planning On The Cheap
    us au What's French For WTF
    us au Your Round The World Trip Planner

  • 50,000 FREE Powtoon Classroom Accounts (Save $96)
    50,000 FREE Powtoon Classroom Accounts (Save $96)

    Click "GET yours for FREE now" button to regist an account.

    Promo code: ToonUp5M

    With PowToon you can create professional animated lesson plans, coursework and presentations that your students will applaud you for.

    We believe that every student deserves to have the best educational tools and technology so thanks for helping spread the Awesomeness!

    Offer Expires: 31st October 2014
    Accounts are valid for one year.

    Note: No valid payment information required after you enter the coupon code

  • 5 Free Songs Sung By VeggieTales Personalised With Your Kids Name from JustMeMusic
    5 Free Songs Sung By VeggieTales Personalised With Your Kids Name from JustMeMusic

    After my kids enjoying the Elmo deal posted yesterday, Big Thankyou to TA, I began the hunt for a code to get a Disney or Wiggles song. Unfortunately could not find any but did manage to obtain a code for 5x free Personalised songs sung by VeggieTales. Not as good as Elmo but my kids are happy.

    Free Songs Are
    Introduction With Bob & Larry
    VeggieTales Theme Songs
    That Was Great!
    If You're Happy And You Know It
    We Don't Have Hands

    On the first page enter code VEGGIE into the first textbox then any email into second textbox and click the Download button. This will take you to the next page where you can choose your childs (or your own) name.
    On the final page the first 5 songs can be downloaded for free. Right click the link for each song and save to your computer or phone as ringtone.

  • [iTunes] AdBlock for Wi-Fi (FREE - WAS $3.79)
    [iTunes] AdBlock for Wi-Fi (FREE - WAS $3.79)


    The application allows you to block loading and display of irritating advertising banners, popup windows and other objects that prevent you from receiving pleasure from use of iPhone and iPad.

    The black list allows to block even more advertizing companies that makes the abilities of the program boundless.

    • Works in all applications
    • Safari,Chrome, Mercury Browser, Opera and other browsers are supported
    • Advertisements are blocked in all the games
    • Adjustable filters
    • Wide filters of the Russian advertizing
    • Protection against spying sites

    Seems like a similar application to the recently posted:

    Hope this helps someone that missed out on the other one. It's made for Wi-Fi, but is available for FREE on BOTH iPhone & iPad.


  • The Crew PC Beta Key Giveaway
    The Crew PC Beta Key Giveaway

    The Crew PC Beta Key Giveaway

    The Crew Closed Beta Key Giveaway allows you to download and play the game for a limited time only.

    Hurry keys are available for a limited time only.

    Details are required to sign up

    All beta game play closes on the 29th August 2014..


  • FREE iOS App "PDF Forms" ($10.99 to $0) @ AppOfTheDay
    FREE iOS App "PDF Forms" ($10.99 to $0) @ AppOfTheDay

    PDF Forms - Fill, Sign and Annotate PDF Forms and Documents
    iOS Universal
    “Free today with ‘App of the Day’.
    Download ‘App of the Day’, and every day discover one paid app absolutely free!”
    PDF Forms is a powerful processing app for anyone who has to deal with PDF forms and legal documents. With its help you can fill forms, add remarks and notes to the ready document, sign agreements and notices. Moreover, the app offers a choice of handy sharing options such as email, Google Drive or Dropbox and lets print documents via AirPrint.
    PDF Forms allows to work with documents you receive by email or via iTunes file sharing, load them from Dropbox or Google Drive folders and open from any application, which generates PDF files, e.g. PDF PROvider.

    If you have a document or form that you need to fill and sign on multiple occasions, you can easily turn it into the template. For this, you can create a copy of the document in the File Manager.

    PDF Forms makes it easy to add the handwritten signature to your documents. Just save the copy of your signature and use it at any time. Saved signature can be resized and placed in the appropriate area of the PDF form or contract in several taps. More than that you have the option to save as many signatures as your need to the dedicated gallery, rename or delete them when necessary.

    For increased security, the access to your documents and signatures can be protected by the password.

    With PDF Forms you can fill out any kind of PDF forms. Open the form and fill in the fields. Moreover, your have the option to add remarks or comment any area in already filled documents.

  • Free iOS App Animation Desk™ Premium for iPad (from $6.49 to $0)
    Free iOS App Animation Desk™ Premium for iPad (from $6.49 to $0)

    Animation Desk is FREE for a limited time in responding to the great coverage by TechCrunch! Reduced from $6.49 to free
    Appshopper details

    Animation Desk for iPad allows users to create hand-drawn animations on iPad. The drawing interface provided by the app resembles the real working environment of a professional animator who completes each frame of an animation on a specially-designed desk, the animation desk.

    Animation Desk for iPad provides an easy, friendly, and intuitive drawing environment so that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. Come join us to appreciate the beauty of traditional animations!

    +Share your works with friends on Facebook and YouTube
    +Transfer animations between different iDevicesand enjoy animating anytime, anywhere

    Animation Desk for iPad is ranked in the top 100 of iPadentertainment apps in 86 App Stories
    Animation Desk for iPad was featured on Chinese iTunes Home Page in 1st place in Jan, 2013.
    Animation Desk has been selected as the best entertainment app in the annual App Store Rewind 2011.
    PadGadget’s review for Animation Desk for iPad: “It makes you creative.”
    Animation Desk for iPad featured as the essential app of the new iPad owner’s app buying guide on AppAdvice.

    Please note it has in app purchases.
    Size 78MB

    Animation Desk™ for iPhone also reduced from $3.79 to $0
    Other apps from same developer:
    NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Memo, Audio and Video Recording for iPhone reduced from $3.79 to $0
    NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Memo, Audio and Video Recording for iPad reduced from $6.49 to $0

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