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  • TogetherShare Data Recovery Professional for Free
    TogetherShare Data Recovery Professional for Free

    TogetherShare Data Recovery Professional does an amazing job on format recovery, unformat, deleted files recovery or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons when the data loss disaster strikes, especially when you want to recover data from formatted drive.

    Best Undelete, Unformat, Partition Recovery, File Recovery utility for FAT and NTFS file systems. It provides the most comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users to recover lost data.

    Apart from regular data recovery, TogetherShare Data Recovery will help you recover lost or damaged partitions in a number of file systems (from FAT12 to NTFS/NTFS5) and recover compressed or encrypted files in NTFS.

  • $0 eBook- Happy Company: How High Profile Companies Have Earned Spectacular Success [Kindle]
    $0 eBook- Happy Company: How High Profile Companies Have Earned Spectacular Success [Kindle]

    Amazon's Description:

    Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, GE, and Intuit: Something unites all of these high profile companies in an essential way – a new business mentality. They have earned such spectacular success and respect by setting happiness as a primary goal, knowing that with a foundation of joy, creativity, and excitement, nothing is impossible.

    In Happy Company, Can Akdeniz shows that the business mentality has changed forever. He explains the new mindset, and shares strategies and methodologies for creating a culture of happiness, and explains the impact that such an ideological shift can have. By learning from this book, you can draw on relevant inspiration from these global icons and apply it to your own business model, to begin experiencing the same success, respect, and loyalty that they have enjoyed for years.

    Happy Company will teach you:

    • Company vision management
    • Developing employee and consumer loyalty
    • Maximizing stakeholder trust and support
    • Standing out from the competition
    • Sustainable and realistic approaches to building company happiness
    • Spreading the “happiness effect” to all corners of your business
    • Inspiring workers and motivational techniques
    • Creative compensation strategies
    • The role of companies within the community
    • The importance of visionary and inspiring leadership
    • How happiness leads to profits and success
    • How profits do not necessarily lead to happiness
    • Dozens of real world examples of successful happiness strategies
    • An introduction to short-term vs. long-term thinking
    • The new paradigm of a company as a happiness machine
    • An outline of healthy workplace guidelines to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction
    • How social contributions increase happiness
    • Tips for increasing consumer satisfaction and guaranteeing loyalty
    • New approaches to customer service
    • Out of the box leadership strategies
    • Guidelines for Infrastructure evolution
    • Work-Life Balance Techniques
    • The importance of company reputation
    • Boosting job control and employee independence
    • How to use old techniques for new challenges
    • Possible issues and limitations for pursuing company happiness
    • The obstacles to company happiness and the tools to get around them
    • Knowing your limitations and maximizing the potential for improvement

    by Can Akdeniz, 172 pages, save $8.99, published Dec 1, 2013


    eBook is free at time of posting. Please check price before buying.

  • Free New Bike (Single Speed, BMX, Hybrid), Helmet, Light, Lock, Lunch [Must Be 14-17 Years Old]
    Free New Bike (Single Speed, BMX, Hybrid), Helmet, Light, Lock, Lunch [Must Be 14-17 Years Old]

    Update: ccwwayne has pointed out that other councils are also offering this. Might be worth looking.

    01AUG - Ipswich City Council, QLD
    13AUG - City of Playford, SA
    11SEP - City of Darebin, VIC

    Update 2: Full list

    Bicycle Network, Coca-Cola South Pacific and Logan City Council are offering 300 young people aged 14-17 years an opportunity to earn a new bike and get active in the community.

    Young people will learn how to build a bike, how to maintain it and learn some safety tips - and then, take the bike home.

    Those who register online will receive a new bike, a helmet, light and lock - completely free! Participants will get their choice of a single speed, BMX or Hybrid bike and will be taught how to assemble and care for their bikes at the event.

    Participants will be chosen based on the following criteria:

    Aged between 14-17 years of age
    Living in Logan City
    Priority given to people without a bike
    Transport to and from the venue will need to be arranged by the individual, organisation or as a school.

  • [iTunes] Net Master - IT Tools LAN Scanner (FREE - WAS $6.49 USD)
    [iTunes] Net Master - IT Tools LAN Scanner (FREE - WAS $6.49 USD)

    Coming across this for iOS users is quite rare. This works as if it were similar to ES Explorer for Android. A full LAN capability scanner, that has a large mass of functions including speed tests.

    Great for people who watch things off their phones, but want stream via LAN Connection not HTTP Internet Usage.

    I use Android now, but was searching for this app to go free, and now it has! Enjoy!


    Net Master is the ultimate mobile solution for all your network analysis and diagnostic problems. Net Master is a utility application developed for Network Administrators and IT Professionals but presented in a format targeted for non-professionals. All the essential networking tools are available in one convenient mobile application.

    Networking Tools available include:

    • LAN Scan for complete scanning and diagnostics of all devices connected to a Local Area Network
    • Includes: TCP Connect LAN Scanning, ARP table scan
    • Also includes NetBios Scan, Bonjour Scan and Port Scanning
    • Reverse DNS Lookup
    • Wake On LAN functionality
    • Dictionary lookups for MAC addresses, Port addresses and many Bonjour Services
    • All information presented to the user in a easy to understand user interface
    • Save previous Scans to reload and review later

    • Speed Test to monitor your cellular (3G/4G/LTE) or WiFi connection rate and response for your device.
      – Simple, one button tap performs (or cancels) the internet speed tests.
      – Testing features download rate, upload rate and latency (response) time.
      – Simple, easy-to-read tracking and reporting.

    • Port Scanning is a essential network utility for every IT professional. This utility application lets you check what services are listening on a network and is useful for making sure no service ports are open that shouldn't be.

    • Multi-thread TCP port scanner on cellular or WiFi network.
    • Quick scan for the most popular ports does a scan within a few seconds.
    • Display common protocol used by each open port and allow connection if port protocol known.
    • Scanning parameters are fully adjustable to handle different network environments.>

    • Geographical Trace Route for determining the route path and measuring the transit times across an IP network.

    • Asynchronous Trace algorithm provides extremely fast results
    • Graphical plotting of ping results for all hops
    • Geo-location information for hops
    • Reverse Hostname (DNS Information)
    • IP Address of each hop
    • Monitors Average packet round trip time
    • Packet count and lost information
    • WHOIS hostnames and IP address range
    • Works over WiFi or Cellular network connection
    • Save previous Traces to review later

  • iOS App uPackingList Free was $2.49
    iOS App uPackingList Free was $2.49

    uPackingList – your best universal checklist for vacation, college, moving, camping, beach, road trip

    *** 5 YEARS with the real travelers! Three days this app is FOR FREE! ***

    Packing for a trip, doing everyday shopping, sharing your packing/shopping list via email with friends – now you can do all these things and even more with cool app uPackingList. You’ll never realize that you forgot your passport or tickets or other necessary thing at home on your way to the airport.

    You can easily create lists of necessary items and control packing process. Update your packing list whenever you think you need yet another thing to take. You can create and maintain an unlimited number of lists and use a built-in items catalogue, which is simply customizable per your needs. Besides of the things a list can include the task you need to complete before leaving. This way the preparation for your travel will get simpler – just check every item you packed and no detail will be lost.

    - Friendly and appealing interface that requires minimum actions
    - Unlimited lists, possibility to reuse any list
    - A Carefully thought-out catalog that contains about 300 items
    - Collapse or expand any category you need, add items to lists with just one tap
    - An easily customizable catalogue – you can add or change any category and item
    - When your list is ready you can proceed to packing right away. Mark items as processed with just one tap
    - Vivid presentation of packing progress for all lists
    - Ability to send any list via e-mail
    - Ability to enter quantity and note associated with each item
    - Ability to change categories icons
    - Various background themes

  • iOS App "INOQONI" Free (Was $2.49) @ Appoftheday
    iOS App "INOQONI" Free (Was $2.49) @ Appoftheday
    Free today with ‘App of the Day’


    In this platform and puzzle game with an original atmosphere and HD graphics, you play as INOQONI, a young girl imprisoned in a tower.
    Will you be able to harness the power of the magic mirror to help her escape?

    During walk with her mother, INOQONI discovered a mysterious tower in the middle of the forest. Curious, she ventured inside and was captured. She must face disturbing creatures inhabiting the rooms while avoiding the pitfalls in her way.

    To help INOQONI to escape from this tower, you will cross 60 rooms filled with puzzles and all kinds of dangers. Learn to use the magic mirror, capture the butterflies and finish each level as quickly as possible to score more points!

    Quickly discover this magical and mysterious universe where skill and quick-thinking are key!


    • 60 puzzle-filled levels
    • 6 worlds to discover
    • Progressive difficulty
    • A real platform challenge
    • HD graphics (Retina)
    • Challenge your friends
    • Game Center
    • Precise controls
    • A unique soundtrack
    • Saving via Facebook

  • The Last of Us: One Night Live Performance Monday, July 28 -Streamed Live
    The Last of Us: One Night Live Performance Monday, July 28 -Streamed Live

    If you enjoy The Last of Us then you should enjoy watching it live.

    On Monday July 28th, one of last year’s most acclaimed games, The Last of Us, will come to the theatrical stage in Los Angeles for a special one-night-only performance.

    One Night Live will highlight the artistry behind The Last of Us with a live reading of select scenes by the principal actors, under the direction of Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog. Scheduled to appear are Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Merle Dandridge, Hana Hayes, and Annie Wersching. In addition, Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla will perform selections from his score. How this all fits together will remain a bit of a mystery until it happens, but trust me when I say it will be a very special evening.

    If you can’t join us in Santa Monica, select portions of the program will be streamed live around the world on Twitch, YouTube and PlayStation Network’s Live Event Viewer. And while it goes without saying, the event will include some story spoilers.

  • Free Kindle Book - Secrets of Black Hat Hackers
    Free Kindle Book - Secrets of Black Hat Hackers

    Here is the most amazing book ever published on computer hacking.
    Step-by-Step illustrated details on the techniques used by hackers to get your data including :-
    Guessing Passwords, Stealing Passwords,Password Lists, Social Engineering,
    Reverse Social Engineering,Crashing Electronic Bulletin Boards,Dummy Screens, Fake E-mail,Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms,Trap Doors, And Much more.
    Anyone concerned with computer security and data privacy needs to read this book.

    Offered again - wasn't free long previously

    US Link

  • [Android] $0 Fontrillo The Easy Launcher Premium
    [Android] $0 Fontrillo The Easy Launcher Premium

    I was (and still am) looking for an easy to use launcher to install on a Huawei Ascend G526 for my mum, and came across this deal. The premium version of Fontrillo launcher is free for a week. I do not know when "the week" started so please get it first and uninstall later.

    An interesting feature of Fontrillo is the on demand built-in GPS/Wi-Fi/Mobile location tracking, and an SOS feature that works by shaking the phone. I have yet to see how well the launcher works.

    Free vs premium comparison:

  • $0 eBook: Mind Mapping for Kids [Kindle]
    $0 eBook: Mind Mapping for Kids [Kindle]

    Amazon's Description:

    Mind Mapping for Kids helps elementary school students develop higher-level thinking and improve their reading comprehension using mind maps and eight reading comprehension strategies.


    Learn mind map basics in a few hours and start mind mapping in a day.

    • Written by a mind mapper and features mind maps by other mind mappers.
    • Includes over 50 mind maps created with over 10 different mind mapping programs.
    • Full case study on reading comprehension using mind maps.


    We are all visual learners, at least in part. We absorb information visually more than in any other way. Yet, visual literacy is mostly missing from mainstream education. So, how can elementary school students visually represent information and ideas to improve their ability to build on what they already know, think critically, and learn meaningfully?

    This question is the central theme of Mind Mapping for Kids. MMFK offers elementary school teachers a blueprint for how to introduce mind maps in their classrooms to help students think more rigorously and increase engagement by transforming linear, static information into connected, dynamic maps.

    Part I of the book discusses the fundamentals of mind mapping for teachers, parents, and students. Part II demonstrates how to use mind maps and the eight reading comprehension strategies to help students develop critical thinking and better comprehend what they’re reading. Part III provides 15 examples of mind mapping uses in school and at home and 5 templates to use in the classroom.

    Give mind maps a try. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other literacy instruction programs. Either way, they will bring fun and excitement to the classroom while simultaneously improving thinking, reading, and learning.

    Mind Mapping for Kids: How Elementary School Students Can Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking by Tony Krasnic, 158 pages, save $4.99, published Nov 30, 2012.


    eBook is free at time of posting. Please check price before buying.

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